A.R Fashion BD Ltd. is one of the first-row buying houses, trading and exporter here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We always strive to make our products in a decent and highly export quality believing in long-term trade relationships with most of our insider and global buyers. We have a strong and reliable sourcesand working partnerships with so many renowned manufacturer and the factory owners all over the country.

Our maximum foreign clients are from US, EU, Russian and Japanese. We are taking orders in different kinds of garments products for Men’s, Ladies and Kid’s in woven, Knit and sweaters. We are a registered company having a genuine licensed authority to deal with any international buyers/customers. We are Very much committed to make the on time delivery maintaining the buyers’ schedule strictly. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the buyers’ satisfaction and their valued end customers as well.

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Global Sourcing

Globally we are working to serve the customer about readymade garments, it’s a very fast growing business sector for all over the world. Almost everyday the new retailers, importers are involving here to expand the business, beside this the manufacturer & exporters to increase the business working to give the best support to the ultimate customers by the competitive prices, faster feedback, new fashions create, available sourcing options – on which we are very much active to ensure you.


Product development is the route of setting up the goals for the season, conceptualizing, producing, carrying out market and trend research, introducing and delivering new products and services to consumers, improving on the old one, developing product by using the technical design process, making samples of the products to finalize the new product with standards to attract as well as sell the product to the ultimate of our customers, this is the process is not to make money by ourselves only – its about to enjoy the business by our all the partners.


We contain very stern and meticulous quality control procedures throughout the production. For all new customers, where required, we propel our QA Officers to visit the facilities to learn and familiarize themselves with all customer specific QA techniques and procedures. As part of the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy, we are incessantly penetrating for options in low-erring our cost to bestow the best price with paramount quality to our customer, in order to congregate the global fast fashion trend and construct prevention of defects rather than rectification. We know commitment is the driving force for any triumph.

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